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Precise Word Count

Our word counter is great at giving accurate counts, making sure writers stick to set limits or reach minimum requirements. This accuracy is crucial in academic, professional, and creative writing, where hitting the right word count is important.

Character Count

Our tool doesn't just count words; it also counts characters. This is super helpful when there are character limits, like in social media posts or specific application forms.

Sentence and Paragraph Count

Knowing your writing's structure is crucial for good communication. Our word counter shows how many sentences and paragraphs you have, helping you keep a well-balanced and organized composition.

Reading Time Estimation

For content creators thinking about their audience's time, our word counter has a feature that estimates reading time. It quickly tells you how long it'll take for a reader to go through your content, so you can make adjustments to fit time limits. Adults typically read about 238 words per minute silently (source).

How does our word counter work?

The word counter is very simple. It counts all the words in your text, including conjunctions and prepositions. It ignores punctuation and spaces when counting words. You can count the number of words in your text by yourself, but it is a long process. Especially if the text is very long.

What makes our word counter different from others?

In short, our counter is simple and ad-free. We made it for ourselves and use it every day. That's why it was important for us to make it simple and understandable for both schoolchildren and professors. All you need is to paste the text and get instant results. By the way, the speed of our word counter is another advantage. Our motto is nothing superfluous. We hope our word count tool lives up to this slogan.

How to get started?

Very simple! Paste your text into the text field and get instant results. Below the text field you will see how many words are in your text. Below is more useful information about your text: number of characters with spaces, number of characters without spaces, number of paragraphs, average reading time.

Where can I use a word counter?

One common application is on social network X (formerly Twitter). It offers 280 characters for regular users and 4000 with a premium subscription. While X already provides a character counter, our word counter can be particularly helpful for SMM specialists or those who plan and schedule posts in advance. Many other social networks have similar restrictions. Here are some more examples:

Channel Character Limit
Facebook pages & groups 5,000
Instagram profiles 2,200
X profiles 280/4,000
LinkedIn pages & profiles 3,000
Pinterest boards 500
TikTok Business accounts 2,200
Start Pages 5,000
Mastodon accounts 500
YouTube Shorts 5,000

In addition, word or character limits are available to various advertising tools like Google Ads. A word and character counter can also be useful for SEO specialists, copywriters, and other professionals who frequently work with text. If you are a high school or college student with a word count requirement or restrictions, you may also need a word counter.